Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Software Engineering


Our company is specialized in in the development of embedded systems with high safety and quality requirements.

As your technology partner in the area of safety critical real-time systems we will lead your project to success. We support you in the following fields:

  • Functional Safety
  • Software architecture and requirements engineering
  • Safe and efficient implementation, resource optimization
    Module, integration and system testing

Complex projects and sophisticated technology – that is our challenge! We are familiar with new technologies, like

  • Automotive Ethernet
  • Advanced driver-assistance systems and highly automated driving

We have years of experience in software development for various electronic control units, such as ABS and ESC systems, electronic theft protection systems and computer platforms for advanced driver-assistance systems and highly automated driving.

Our engineers develop tailored solutions. We boost your productivity and improve the quality and safety of your software systems, that are becoming more and more complex. We combine economic efficiency with increasing customer requirements. We support you throughout the entire development process in the implementation of the relevant standards (e. g. ISO 26262).

Have you ever asked yourself one of the following questions:

  • How can the efficiency of the development be increased?
  • How can we comply with relevant standards and customer requirements?
  • Which software tools shall be used and how are they used in an efficient way?
  • How can mistakes be detected and avoided from the start?
  • Who supports us in critical project situations – from the conceptional design to the final release and customer acceptance?

We are flexible and committed to deliver when it matters. Our services and not limited to trigger new approaches and spur new lines of thought but include support through all stages of your project.


Our flyers are now available for download:

Unser Firmenprofil gibt es nun auch als Flyer zum Download:

HANECS Flyer (English)

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